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    FLEETPLAN edocs for digitizing manuals
    Create, change, authorize and publish Operational Manuals
    Safety Messages and Directives.

    Database driven, Version and Revision Control, Read Statistics
    Distribution on web and mobile devices.
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    Make insightful decisions
    FLEETPLAN Analytics
    Turning real time data into actionable insight
    that everyone can access from anywhere.
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    Cloud Based, Time Saving, Connected, Secure
    Fleet Management for helicopters and jets

    Connect Aircraft, Crew, Certificates, Manuals, Commerce, Logbooks,
    Calendars and more...
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    Powered by fleetplan
    Trusted by fleet operators worldwide.
    50+ Customers
    500+ Aircraft
    4000+ Pilots
FLEETPLAN - digital fleet management - Anytime. Anywhere.

A complete solution for your fleet operations

Get control of your office administration, crew, fleet, regulatory compliance and documentation.
FLEETPLAN brings people and information together on a single, integrated and trusted platform.

Digital Cloud Workplace

Because FLEETPLAN is hosted in the cloud, it can grow and scale with your business. FLEETPLAN upgrades are instantly implemented as soon as they’re available.

Connected. Centralized. Unified.

Stop working with spreadsheets, paper-based processes and data islands. FLEETPLAN reduces manual data entry by cross connecting data and automating tasks.

Modern Collaboration and Communication

Utilize the power of a transaction safe digital platform that enable employees to find and share information they need to be most engaged and productive.

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business and fleet management for helicopters, jets and crew

All the features you need to operate your fleet

Built on an extensible platform with shared data and digital intelligence, FLEETPLAN helps your team make the most of every minute.


  • Multi Resource System: Crew, Aircraft, Equipment etc.
  • Full Set of Resource Base Data
  • Resource Bookings via powerful Calendars and Timelines
  • Real Time Validation against related objects
  • Reports, Dashboards, Notifications
  • Flight Orders, Passenger Lists, Ops Returns


  • Digital Logbooks
  • Management and real time validation of Flight and Duty Times
  • Calendars, Comments, Tasks, Events
  • Free configurable Log Types
  • Cross connected with all related objects


  • Unified integrated Platform
  • Single Point of Entry
  • No outdated Spreadsheets
  • Automated Tasks
  • Real Time Notifications

Base Data

  • Organisations with Departments and Contacts
  • Full set of personal Data

Flight & Duty Times

  • Digital Pilots Logbook
  • FDT automatically added via Pilots Logbook
  • Real time validation against flights
  • Split Duty, Local Days, Custom Rules, HEMS
  • Statistics / Dashboards


  • Type Ratings, Passports, Medicals, Insurances etc.
  • Easy Setup via Base Documents
  • Configurable Notifications to owner and groups
  • Sync with Mobile Devices including Scan of Document (PDF)

Projects, Offers, Orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes

  • Connected Line Items with resources and bookings
  • Callbacks for Logbook Data
  • Export to Accounting Software
  • Voucher and Ticket Management
  • Cashbooks
  • Payment Management
  • Dunning Letters

Items, Reports

  • Customizable Items
  • Flexible Part List Items (i.e. Flight, Fuel, Landing)
  • Special Resource Items (i.e. for Resources/Flights)
  • Item Statistics
  • Predefined Accounts


  • Connect Aircraft, Flights, Crew, Invoices in a Process

Digitized Documents

  • Create, Change, Publish Manuals, Safety Messages and more
  • Database driven with customizable workflows
  • Read Statistics
  • Compliance Library
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) / Sync with mobile devices
  • Table of Contents with automatic Numbering
  • Version and Revision Log

Powerful Tools

  • Exchange with Authors, Editors, Authorities
  • Show history and differences of changes
  • Comments and Annotations
  • Global Search


  • Automatic Syncing with mobile devices
  • No need for files (PDF)

Real Time Analytics

  • Customizable data reports with multi level drill downs
  • Customizable, interactive charts for crew, aircraft and commercial data
  • Filters and outputs for any data in the platform
  • Saved reports for different readers and groups
  • Cross connected commercial, aircraft, flight and pilots data
  • Budget and forecast calculations
  • Flight Time, Block Time, VFR/IFR, Block Factor, Missions and much more


  • Real Time, precise, comprehensive
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Create beautiful and informative reports

Platform / System

  • Web &Mobile
  • Customizable Views
  • Dynamic Filters and Faceted Search
  • Dashboards for Pilots, Customers, Aircraft, Students etc.
  • Multi Client Platform for Sub-Organisations
  • Tasks, Events, Calls, Comments
  • Document Management
  • Reporting/Anaylytics Engine
  • Proven Processes, Workflows for business cases/missions
  • Printing / Export Engine
  • Powered by Elastic Search®
  • Sync with 3rd Party Applications

Calendars / Schedules

  • For Users/Pilots, Aircraft, Ships, Rooms, Trainings, Missions, Endorsements
  • Views: Multi Timeline, Day, Week, Month, Agenda
  • Free configuration, saved views, drag'n drop
  • Cross connected with Aircraft, Crew , FDT, Commerce, Endorsements,
  • Real time validation against regulations, flight duty times, currency, endorsements, commerce

Security / Transactions

  • MFA/2STEP Authentication
  • Security by Users, Groups, Roles, Scopes
  • Manage Permissions from high to low level
  • Logging of every data insert/change/delete
  • Logging of every User Action i.e. Views, Exports, Downloads
  • Transaction safe security

Cloud based platform

  • No hardware, no software, no hassle
  • Free upgrades per year, so you're always up to date
  • Customisable to the way your business works
  • Scalable system that grows with your business
  • Enterprise-level cloud security for every size of business

Service & Support

  • Included support by our FLEETPLAN professionals


  • Web & Mobile
  • Offline EFB on Mobile Devices
  • 100% Powered and Hosted by AWS Frankfurt


FLEETPLAN by Team Centric Software

About us

Our mission is to improve fleet operations, make it simple, efficient and useful.


FLEETPLAN - Digital Fleet Management

FLEETPLAN launched in 2007, and today thousands of people use our platform to manage business administration, fleet operations, crew, customers, documentation and more.

TCS, a german software company and leading developer of cloud applications, helps companies manage data, optimize business processes and enable efficient collaboration.

TCS solutions create, manage and deliver the content for all types of business, compliance and industry requirements serving a variety of industries and professional service firms.

Over 500 customers use TCS software to bring people together, share information and achieve excellence.

Founded in 1998, TCS is a privately held company with offices in Hamburg and Munich.

Support & Training

Unlock the power of FLEETPLAN

  • Implement the best solution for your environment
  • Ensure your staff is up-to-date on the latest skills and certifications
  • Keep maintenance costs low with trained, in-house support
  • Minimize support and downtime

Business Process Workshops

We are experets in highly integrated fleet operation solutions.

  • Streamline fleet and office operations
  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Put valuable resources to better use
  • Keep your business moving round the clock
  • Reduce operating costs


Software should reduce complexity, not add it.


Working together as a team is the best way to manage business.


A central repository for all information is key to staying organized.


Data is useless unless it helps you make better decisions.


FLEETPLAN makes it easier to

organize and improve fleet operations.

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